Raising Preemie Babies without Appropriate Equipment

by: Munezero Mireille CVN

Van Norman Clinic- Bujumbura, Burundi


I am the chief nurse of Pediatrics & Neonatology services at the Van Norman Clinic, in Bujumbura is a 120 beds hospital, with average 328 birth a month, 24% of c-section. The maternity is always busy but not all the woman had prenatal visit, most of them has no ultrasound done during their pregnancy phase. Those who are born prematurely are referred to other hospitals with NICU where it is often crowded and unavailable.

The Story of Violline (name was changed) 22 years old mother, delivered a preemie baby at 30 weeks of GA, with 1Kg, after first care at the Van Norman Clinic she made a tour of town trying to desperately get a place in a NICU but came back to our hospital then started taking care of the baby.

The baby was on KMC, and fed with a nasogastric tube, the mother had no enough milk and the baby lost weight to 750gr during the first week after birth, we kept encouraging the mother to eat, correctly, avoid more stress.

The hardest part of this story is when the baby developed anemia and needed blood using IV pump, again for the second time we referred the baby at the NICU but could get admission. We kept giving blood rigorously monitoring of the baby.

After that, the baby started gaining weight, and spent 3 months in the hospital and was discharged with 1800gr, with several appointments for baby follow up.

It gives more than joy today to see a one year baby with 6kg.