Thank you!


From the clinicians who value your experienced preparation, Your knowledge and efficiency, your amazing dedication, From the radiographer who appreciates that you understand, Exactly how to position baby and provide a helping hand, From the technicians who keep vital equipment going strong,

But know it’s the neonatal nurse who recognizes when things are going wrong, From the mother reassured beyond measure by just how much you care, Entrusting you to care for baby when she can’t be there,

From the father adapting to this unexpected role, Adjusting to the situation whereby he has no control,

From the partners who are embracing this wonderful new life, Moving on from being known as a husband or a wife,

United by this overwhelming responsibility, No longer just a couple but a fledgling family, Fearful of so much that neither of them know,

Gratitude is profoundly deep and often hard to show,


But the loudest “THANK YOU” can be heard from those who have no voice,

For their unexpected fragile start to life was not intentionally theirs by choice, Neonatal babies and their families applaud each and every one of you,

For giving extra special nursing care only found in NICU AND SCBU

TUJudy Hitchcock    15 August 2017