4 th International multidisciplinary pediatric and neonatal acute and critical care research summer school


Thursday 25th & Friday 26th July 2019 University of the West of England, City Centre Campus at Arnolfini, Bristol, United Kingdom


The two days of the summer school are structured to allow for: 

  • Personalised learning by a small group of participants and a large group of experienced faculty and research staff.
  • Presentation of participants’ projects in safe and facilitated peer group discussions.
  • Deepening understanding of methodological approaches to key issues. This is enabled by keynote plenary lectures on key issues, followed by optional elective workshops on methodological approaches or research issues. These sessions are suggested by research level starting from master’s level, through to early post-doctoral level.
  • Providing opportunities for participants to meet and network. This is enabled by coffee/lunch sessions and an evening course meal, as well as an optional photography walk in Bristol’s historic city centre, led by professor Albarran.
  • In the last session there will be room to talk and consider plans for future research collaborations, both on an individual and network basis.


PLEASE VISIT – https://uwe.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/int-paediatric-neonatal-research-school2