Call for 2019 Neonatal Nurse Awards


The Council of International Neonatal Nurses (COINN) are recognizing and encouraging excellence in neonatal nursing by presenting the 5th International Neonatal Nursing Excellence Award to nurses working in newborn care who are making an impact to raise the quality of care.

Two winners will be selected among nominations from across the world to receive this year’s recognition, for their commitment to working on the frontlines of newborn care, especially in resource-challenged countries, where the majority of newborn deaths occur.

The Award will be presented at the opening ceremony of COINN 2019 in New Zealand May 6th, 2019.


Nominations: A nurse may nominate her/himself with a written endorsement from their manager/senior colleague/peer. The nomination should include a summary of your current contribution to newborn care and a summary of how receiving this award will enhance your practice.


To nominate a neonatal nurse for this award, please contact or via the website


Applications Close  31st January 2019