International Day of Neonatal Nurses

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The International Day of Neonatal Nurses is the August 15th! Let’s celebrate our professional passion for our tiny patients and their families. Even if you do not have an official recognition for neonatal care in your country, the case for many of us, you are still a neonatal nurse if you provide care for well and sick newborn infants in your every day and every night shift. We embrace you.

Our specialty is unique. Our specialty will last forever. We stand for babies and mothers and fathers and families. A birth is a miracle. We are here to help those who need any help at this remarkable event anywhere on the planet. The joyful moment can be also a scary time if the baby is not doing well. We give our hearts and souls, all our knowledge and expertise to help vulnerable and fragile infants who do not know the politics, religions, languages, social norms – we just want to help those who are in need from the moment of birth and the next few weeks or months, we just want to help those who will be our next generation and who will keep the humankind alive, who will take care of us when we are old, who will surprise us growing up and who will generate millions of new ideas to create better lives. We are neonatal nurses. And we proud.

COINN is the only global organization of nurses who care for newborns. We have over 7 000 nurses from more than 60 countries of the world, including 15 national organizations of neonatal nurses. We welcome anyone who care for newborn infants, to join us in our efforts to help babies – our little miracles who deserve a chance to survive.

Congratulations to all the neonatal nurses of the world!