International Family Centered Care


On 6/13/18 the PTW/LBW global technical working group on implementation challenges & solutions came together to talk about family centered care across the world. The group include USIAD, WHO, PCI, GAPP, American College of Nurse Midwives, Every Preemie Scale, Save the Children and more. What is family centered care needed to be defined? Is it letting families visit, let families do all the care, let the families do some of the care? Do families contribute to the doctor rounds? Lots of discussion but no concrete statement yet. But the one overwhelming yes for the group was that the family must be involved in the care of their newborn.


India and Malawi presented their models of family centered care. There was a great deal of discussion about how a document can be created that would fit all the places that neonates end up staying in a hospital. Some of the places included KMC units, newborn room, neonatal and pediatric units. Each unit has their own unit culture and workload. How to give family centered care within each of these units?


We heard from an NICU mother who had twins 21 years ago. One of her twins died the other is now on the way to university. She gave great suggestions such as: the neonate is not your baby it belongs to the family; do not limit or have visiting hours for the unit the family should be able to see their infant 24/7; KMC should be frequent and as often as the family desire as long as the infant is stable; and anyone within the family is allowed to perform KMC; pre-discharge care must be included and a strong follow-up program.