For the First Time Newborns are Recognized as a Separate Human

baby and rings

For the first time, newborns were given their own space at the World Health Assembly. Why is this important? Because if the newborn is not considered a person they have no recognizable rights to care, respect or dignity. Without rights the newborn can be born and not registered as a person, given their own individual treatment and can die without ever being known except by the family.
As international neonatal nurses and midwives we are on the line caring for the vulnerable infant the infant that in the past had been put in the corner and considered not worth saving or treating. We believe that each of these vulnerable babies have the right to care and a chance to survive. We believe that neonatal nurses/midwives are unique in our training and ability to give care to these vulnerable infants. We are excited to see that ‘now is the time’ that our patients are going to receive the attention that they have needed for years. We are willing to volunteer and work on any committee that is looking at neonatal nursing and midwifery care. Several of the COINN members have been invited to be on calls related to newborn care and will be working on important documents related to that care. We need to use our voice and make ourselves heard on why we are uniquely qualified to speak into the vulnerable sick infant care. The momentum is now use Facebook, twitter and whatever social media that is prevalent in your area to educate and demonstrate what we do as neonatal nurses and midwives.-

Sue Prullage