In celebration of COINN’s 10th anniversary, COINN is announcing a yearlong discount for membership. Until the end of the COINN conference, whose theme is “One Passion, One Vision, One World” in Canada.

Until the end of the COINN conference in Vancouver, the membership fee for newborn care health professionals will be only $1 US dollar.

COINN is offering this discount in light of global need to improve health of newborn infants, increase standards of care and promote the neonatal nursing specialty. The rates of neonatal mortality are still high, and nurses should unite to have a strong voice in order to make changes in practice and policy. In many countries, neonatal nursing specialty – a vital part of nursing profession that influences the whole health of the nation and their economic development – is not officially recognized. In many countries, there are no neonatal nursing organizations – so, here is COINN where you can belong and use its resources to build capacity, develop leadership, participate in exchange experiences, and increase collaboration with the overarching goal to help newborn infants and their families have the best possible outcomes. Now you can join our global community – as an individual or a group member for ONE dollar for ONE passion and ONE Vision. If you have questions, please contact us through or call +1-405-684-1476.

Join COINN to make a difference in babies’ and families’ lives. Also, becoming a member now you will have a chance to win one of these three:

1) a free neonatal/perinatal nursing journal subscription of your choice for one year

2) one free Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing textbook (5th edition, Kenner & Lott, 2014)

3) a COINN T-Shirt.