Prematurity awareness 2015


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The World Prematurity Day, the fifth world wide event brought together more than 70 countries! Read the preliminary recap on the World Prematurity Day 2015 (materials presented by UN Foundation, PMNCH and Save the Children).


“Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations on a fantastic World Prematurity Day! This was our 5th annual effort as partners, and we are building massive momentum for action on preterm birth. This year, activities took place in more than 70 countries, generating 408 million Twitter impressions, and an estimated global TV audience of 1 billion for our PSAs on CNN and CNN International around the world. While we are still tallying the results of the collective effort in media, social media, country activities and products, we wanted to provide a short recap of highlights:

Activities took place in more than 70 countries hosting special events that focused on prematurity and premature babies. Some highlights include:
·         National level events many with Ministry of Health officials in South Africa, Thailand, Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, Pakistan and other countries
·          Every Preemie Country Profiles launched at event on Capitol Hill
·         National parent groups participated in marches, events and light the world’s most famous buildings and landmarks purple to mark the day.
·         Prematurity Prevention Conference and European Parliament Workshop

Check out EFCNI’s Changemaker Map and add your event!

Numerous blogs were published by partners and parents (below list) as well as some high level global media including articles in VOA, The Province, and Time Magazine. Country specific media has also been impressive and tailored specifically to the topics and activities that the country is focusing on relating to preterm birth. For example, Bangladesh hosted a round table discussion on Kangaroo Mother Care and this was covered by the media. Celebrities like Chris Pratt, who posted a videoof his 3 year old son who was preterm, also received some media attention. And our PSAs  which ran on  CNN and CNN International , featuring Thalia, Maneet Chauhan, Anne Geddes and  Celine Dion  generated around 1 billion impressions

We will be compiling a more comprehensive assessment in the upcoming weeks.

·         4,610 people changed their profile picture
·         1,721 Thunderclap supporters, social reach of 2.7MM
·         190+ photos captured of building lightings around the world

On Twitter

·         67,448 tweets using #worldprematurityday in Nov. (vs. 34.7k in 2014)
·         408MM impressions in Nov, 150% increase YOY
·         48.4MM reach on Nov. 17 vs. 19.7MM in 2014
·         Trending topic in U.S., U.K., Canada, Brazil

On Facebook WPD Page (Sept – Nov)
·         8.4MM post impressions, level with 2014
·         4MM post reach, up 9.3% YOY
·         18,564 increase in likes from 108.8K to 127.3K

PSA (Thalia, Maneet Chauhan, Anne Geddes, Celine Dion) CNN and CNN Intl – 1 billion impressions

Lots of interesting and creative materials were developed and published relating to preterm birth around World Prematurity Day. Some highlights and definitely not a comprehensive list include:
·         Videos including from UNICEF Philippines, EFCNI, Bangkok Hospital, WHO as well as a webinar hosted by the CDC.
·         MamaYe published new data driven infographics.
·         Bio Med Central set up an online quiz on preterm birth.
·         March of Dimes updated the materials available on the Facebook page in addition to other supporting materials.
·         EFCNI translated Socks for Life Campaign materials into 35 languages.
·         New preterm-birth related research published included:
·         Pediatrics: Biological and Social Influences on Outcomes of Extreme-Preterm/Low-Birth Weight Adolescent
·         Lancet: Immediate delivery compared with expectant management after preterm pre-labour rupture of the membranes close to term (PPROMT trial): a randomised controlled trial

·        World Prematurity Day “Gone to the temple” – WHO
·        No Life Too Small: World Prematurity Day 2015 – USAID
·        Every Newborn – Country Progress for Preemies – Unicef
·        The missing LINC in the newborn survival agenda: Prevention – MDG Health Alliance
·        Congenital syphilis: An overlooked cause of prematurity – PATH
·        If we know how to save preterm babies, why are they still dying? – MSCP
·        Reaching 15 million preterm babies – what are the main barriers to care? – MARCH/LSHTM
·        Making Every Day Count for Preterm Babies – Save the Children, Nepal
·        World Prematurity Day: Saving “ Every Newborn” born too soon – Unicef
·        Kangaroo ‘Father’ Care in Zambia – Mamaye!
·        World Prematurity Day Tackles the Leading Causes of Child Death – BMGF
·        Using Big Data to Predict and Prevent Preterm Birth – GAPPS
·        Scaling Up Solutions to Save Every Premie – GAPPS
·        Aiming to prevent the consequences of premature birth – March of  Dimes
·        What It’s Like being a NICU Mom – Jenny Evans
·        Preterm Birth: Advancing Toward Prevention and Better Outcomes – Catherine Spong (NIH)

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